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3 Radical Ideas Changing the Medical Insurance Market Today

There are some interesting changes happening in the medical insurance market place today. These changes are hidden under all of the noise around rolling back ACA also known as Obama Care. In many ways these emerging changes may have more impact on both Employee Benefit cost reduction and the delivery of medical services. What Do These Changes Mean to Group Benefit Plan Design In this... Read Article

Fully Insured, Level-Funding, and Partially Self-Funded Group Benefits: What’s the Difference

Today small businesses with 5 to 100 employees have other options beyond traditional fully insured group benefits. Level-Funding and Partially Self-Funded are valid approaches that are increasingly being implemented with success. These plans can often lower your overall cost and improve employee satisfaction. I encourage you to think about your business strategy, goals, and culture, as you evaluate the best plan design for your business.... Read Article

Employee Group Benefits: How to Increase Employee Engagement and Participation

Increasing employee engagement and participation with Group Benefit programs is a hot button for many employers. Because employee benefits are often the second largest expense after labor, it makes sense that businesses want to get a better return on their investment. One of the challenges employers face is meeting employee needs and desires in a way that provides greater value from traditional employee benefit programs.... Read Article

Why a Growing Business Needs to Look Into Key Person Insurance

In a small, thriving business, the death of a key employee could cause the business to collapse. It could be an owner, a founder, a key salesperson, or another important player in a growing concern. Life is full of uncertainties. Key person insurance helps protect your business should the unexpected happen. How Key Person Insurance Works Key person insurance is life insurance on a key... Read Article

The Growing Importance of Cyber Liability Insurance

In the 21st Century, technology is vital to conducting business. However, the same technology your business relies on can also leave it vulnerable to costly security threats. Cybercrime is big business and becoming increasingly more sophisticated with advances in technology. No one is safe from cybercrime – neither individuals, nor small businesses, nor the largest corporations. Cyber liability insurance can help protect your business from... Read Article