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Employee Navigator – Benefits Administration Software

Our promise at Lowdermilk & Associates is to co-create with our clients the right employee benefit plan that directly connects to their business goals and culture. An important part of delivering on that promise is the use of technology to simplify the complicated employee benefit administration process.

That’s where Employee Navigator,our all-in-one Benefit Administration software comes into play.

With today’s red-hot hiring market the right mix of employee benefits is key to attracting top talent.  But that’s only the beginning.  Beyond “the benefits package” is the process of enrollment and employee engagement.  With so many pieces of data, compliance rules, and documents…the very thing that is attractive to employees – your benefit program can quickly sink into a detractor.  If you’re using the traditional pencil and paper forms, there is potential for incorrect data, missed applications, and an overworked HR team trying to keep up with it all.

Benefit Administration Software that Gives You the Advantage

That’s why we invested in Employee Navigator a cloud based software employee benefits program.  It takes the headache out of employer group benefit enrollment, compliance tracking, and day-to-day management.

Employee Navigator is an important part of our service delivery to all Lowdermilk clients. Following are seven benefits that we see every time we add a client to our Employee Navigator system.

1. Open Enrollment for Group Benefits

The intuitive online enrollment process makes it easy for employees to compare and select benefit plans, enter accurate data, and have an increased appreciation of their employee benefits.  Clients tell us they appreciate our support and that our approach to open enrollment raises employee morale and confidence.

2. Empowered Employees

The self-service portal makes it easy for employees to find all of their plan documentation and information in one place.  Employees can make changes in their benefits as needed.

3. No More Benefit Enrollment Paper Forms

No more worry about tracking a signed application, wondering if compliance documents have been reviewed, or trying to find insurance documents.  Mistakes from paper and pencil applications and inaccurate data are things of the past with Employee Navigator.

4. ACA Compliance Built-In

ACA compliance can be confusing and a tracking nightmare.  Employee Navigator simplifies the process by automatically tracking hours during measurement periods so that eligible employees are identified. 1094/1095 Reporting is also available.

5. Centralized Employee Data

All of your employee information is centralized in one location.  Reporting is streamlined, fast, and accurate.

6. Use What You Need-HR Database or Benefits

Some of our clients use Employee Navigator as their primary HR database, while other clients use it just for Benefit Enrollment.  Our goal is to be a seamless partner to your HR team and make this an easy and efficient process.

7. Employee Benefit Plan Communication

Whether it’s benefits, compliance, or other health and wellness messages, employees are always in the loop with the self-service portal.

We have a designated team to assist your company’s needs throughout the year from installation, to training, to ongoing support.  Please call (303) 691-9888 for a demo today.