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Retirement Planning

If you are able to fully participate in your employer’s annual 401(k) contribution match and still have funds left over, there are additional options on the table to help plan for your and your family’s future. You want to make a wise choice with your money, but thinking about the future can be overwhelming, especially when life experiences show us that there are external and internal factors we don’t have control over:

But, you can help mitigate the financial impact of what you don’t control through life insurance. Life insurance provides needed death benefit protection and the opportunity for tax-deferred cash value growth potential.

Permanent life insurance can help you mitigate the risk of things you don’t have control over, as well as create a “self-completing” plan. Think about your specific situation and what you may need to do to help ensure you have both adequate death benefit protection and supplemental retirement income. Consider the following:

  • Determine your death benefit need.
  • If applicable, take full advantage of your employer’s retirement account matching program.
  • Contact your tax advisor to see if tax-advantaged sources would work in your situation.

and… Talk to us at Lowdermilk & Associates to determine if a retirement planning strategy using permanent life insurance is right for you.

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